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The Nags Head Lounge / Excitement at Walnuttown Rd (NS Reading Line)
« Last post by dschlegel on Today at 06:42:13 AM »
Here's a screenshot from
Google maps of the approach to this crossing, note the low ground clearance sign.....
Absolutely, please be sure to have them hammer home the fact that each crossing has a toll free # to call in case of an emergency like this.

This driver was calling the tow company instead of the RR or 911 when I went to get him out.
May I have your permission to share this with someone who teaches OTR drivers as part of his job?
The Nags Head Lounge / Excitement at Walnuttown Rd (NS Reading Line)
« Last post by dschlegel on Yesterday at 07:50:31 PM »

On my way home from the Berks County Courthouse in Reading, PA this morning I heard that 22Z was being held at Blandon while the H47 cleared up at Lyons and crossed over from Main 2 to Main 1.
I pulled into the parking lot at Walnuttown Rd between Blandon and Fleetwood to get a shot of 22Z in the morning sun. Within 5 minutes of being there this guy pulled up past the Low ground clearance sign and proceeded to lift his drive axles off the ground. 
I called NS police first, after getting him out of the cab, and was about to call 911 when a Fleetwood Fire Policewoman pulled up. She took care of calling Berks County 911 via her radio.

Shot 1 was roughly the angle from where I watched the guy get stuck.

Shot 2 shows the 3 or 4 inches of clearance below the drive axles.

Shot 3 shows the heavy duty tow truck lifting the trailer high enough for the landing gear to clear while another tow worker controls the truck while backing down the ramp. That's the driver in the black shirt and khaki pants.

I spoke with a couple of NS maintainers a bit about how often that crossing has trucks hanging up, and we joked how the local rig towing company should station a rig down by the Walnuttown Fire Company.

Enjoy everyone!

General Discussion / NS Signal Aspects in Georgia/Alabama
« Last post by irondale on Yesterday at 09:58:54 AM »
I have a question about signal aspects coming out of a siding in the Georgia/Alabama area, specifically where there are two signal heads, one of them with only one light, which I've never seen to be anything other than red; the other signal a traditional three color Green/Yellow/Red.

From the siding back to main track it looks like there will always be red/green, red/yellow or red/red.  Does that "single light" signal head ever display anything different from red in the southern territory?  Am I correct to assume the only indications would be diverging clear and diverging approach, or can you get, for example, an advance approach yellow/yellow or diverging approach restricted with a flashing yellow on the lower signal head?

For the main track with tricolor over single head - can you get indications such as advance approach or approach restricting or approach diverging on that signal?

Thanks in advance if someone can help with this!
Disscusion / Re: HO White Boley trucks
« Last post by thpbears on March 22, 2017, 12:26:06 PM »
Your MOW fleet looks pretty good. Since River point Station is in full swing the Hy-Rails are easy to find finally. I also just saw that River point station has a bucket truck and a truck with tool boxes marked for NS as well as other roads coming out pretty soon.
Disscusion / Re: HO White Boley trucks
« Last post by NSyorktown on March 22, 2017, 06:03:09 AM »
It's great to hear that some "new" HO-scale trucks are coming out . . . it was 8 years ago that I took this pic (so I need some new vehicles in my NS fleet).
General Discussion / Re: System wide NS train number list
« Last post by relantel on March 21, 2017, 11:23:23 PM »
P97 is now K95, still Alexandria-Lynchburg
P98 is now K99, still Lynchburg-Alexandria

They've set up to work the yards, while other locals work the industries. Both K95 and K99 are overnight trains by design, but sometimes issues force one or both into daylight, including a daylight K95 in Manassas on Monday.

Also have heard K48 (once) and K86 (multiple times) used around here. K86 runs the same shift as K91, overnight.  K85 is indeed the old P51, and K87 is the old P52. Both are daytime symbols.

The Nags Head Lounge / Re: Bristol railfanning
« Last post by Bill Richardson on March 21, 2017, 08:11:40 PM »
Thank you for the explanation.
The Nags Head Lounge / Re: Bristol railfanning
« Last post by NSyorktown on March 20, 2017, 03:29:23 AM »
"Maintenance of way" work . . . complete sections of right-of-way are taken off-line, for routine grading, tie replacement, etc.  If the parade of tie cranes, tampers, ballast regulators, and related equipment can have access to a line for a day or so, they can efficiently improve miles and miles of track.  But if they constantly have to stop and put equipment on a siding for every passing train, it can take forever.

It sounds like MOW crews had full access to the CNO&TP line, with scheduled trains re-routed elsewhere.
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